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"Stories can conquer fear, you know, They can make the heart bigger".    Ben Okri

At the edge of a suffocating old world, a world that has cluttered our minds and spirits, and left brutal traces on our realities: a supposed world of equality of abundance and global mobility: these post-industrial tales. Some of us will succumb to the lure and ease of capturing and appropriating fleeting and futile trends, fueling the flow of anti-social media and ego-driven channels. This era evaporates and when the rivers stop flowing, only the stones remain. After all, there is a redemptive act, that demands that what falls at least be offered the chance to be restored. Where there is perfection there is no story to tell. We all live in a network of stories, but how to put those stories into an inclusive dialectic to rehabilitate a new global reason and stop the slow erosion of our global freedoms? There isn’t a stronger connection between people than storytelling. As a fundamental instrument of thought, storytelling is the miracle of a single living seed which can populate whole acres of human minds, as it is our obligation to the next generation to shape the upcoming world.





By Karim Ben Khelifa
2017 | 60 min

Role: Assistant Director

A groundbreaking interactive Virtual Reality (VR) exhibition and immersive experience, Through 360-degree imaging and recordings, participants will encounter combatants on opposite sides of conflicts in Israel/Palestine, the Congo, and El Salvador. In their own words, each will offer personal perspectives on war, including thoughts on motivations, suffering, freedom, and the future. More 


By Selim Harbi 

2018  |  25mn 


AFROROUTES is an immersive Virtual Reality experience retracing the three slavery legacies: the Trans-Saharian, the Trans-Atlantic, and the Trans-Pacific one. AFROROUTES transports the user on a journey from Tangier (Morocco), via Salvador, do Bahia (Brazil) to Gujarat (India), making visible a previously, invisible connection to descendants of African slavery and the cultural practice of their countries of origin. AFROROUTES is designed to be a multi-sensorial experience that engages both the mind and our emotional being through sounds, music, dance, and imagery.






  • Storytelling basics for fictional and non-fictional projects

  • Creative Journalism & hybrid projects

  • Multimedia, web-based linear & non- linear Storytelling

  • Immersive experiences Storytelling AR-VR-XR

  • Cinematic Videography technics

  • Creative Design thinking and creators Mentoring

  • Creative curation and consulting

Harbi: Warrior in Arabic, Born and raised in a country that gave its ancestral name "Ifriquiya", to the rest of the African continent, Tunisia: my first world. This utopian space between two fluid entities: the Sahara and the Mediterranean sea, at the edge of two distant worlds, each one mirroring a distorted representation of the other. Traveling became slowly a necessity, physically first, then mentally and spiritually through books and art, broadening and expanding my conscience, and inviting it to plural and universal dimension, At the age of twenty-two I jumped out this space, and started my journey, responding to a deep burning call: the discovery of itself, the world, the unknown. Heading north first, Berlin: another key-point of disparity, where I could settle and prepare my self for a bigger jump: the south, reconnecting with my deep Africanity and roots, Taking a critical distance from my matrix-point where I grew up, embracing the world as home, make me realize what matters the most:  human conditions, the urge to rehabilitate our global reason and root a new narrative. I identify my self as a world connector. Embedding my ancestral nomadic North-African spirit, today I am proudly hunting the traces of beauty, of a world that still can be repaired.






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