"Stories can conquer fear, you know, They can make the heart bigger".    Ben Okri


At the edge of a suffocating old world, a world that has cluttered our minds and spirits, and left brutal traces on our realities: a supposed world of equality of abundance and global mobility: these post-industrial tales. Some of us will succumb to the lure and ease of capturing and appropriating fleeting and futile trends, fueling the flow of the anti-social media and ego-driven channels. This era evaporates and when the rivers stop flowing, only the stones remain. After all, there is a redemptive act, that demands that what falls at least be offered the chance to be restored. Where there is perfection there is no story to tell. We all live in a network of stories, but how to put those stories into an inclusive dialectic to rehabilitate a new global reason and stop the slow erosion of our global freedoms? There isn’t a stronger connection between people than storytelling. Narrative imagining will be big written on our banner. As a fundamental instrument of thought, storytelling is the miracle of a single living seed which can populate whole acres of human minds, as it is our obligation to the next generation to shape the upcoming world.





By Karim Ben Khelifa
2017 | 60 min

Role: Assistant Director

A groundbreaking interactive Virtual Reality (VR) exhibition and immersive experience, Through 360-degree imaging and recordings, participants will encounter combatants on opposite sides of conflicts in Israel/Palestine, the Congo, and El Salvador. In their own words, each will offer personal perspectives on war, including thoughts on motivations, suffering, freedom, and the future. More 


By Selim Harbi 

2018  |  25mn 


AFROROUTES is an immersive Virtual Reality experience retracing the three slavery legacies: the Trans-Saharian, the Trans-Atlantic, and the Trans-Pacific one. AFROROUTES transports the user on a journey from Tangier (Morocco), via Salvador, do Bahia (Brazil) to Gujarat (India), making visible a previously, invisible connection to descendants of African slavery and the cultural practice of their countries of origin. AFROROUTES is designed to be a multi-sensorial experience that engages both the mind and our emotional being through sounds, music, dance, and imagery.





Serge, 30
Serge, 30

Artist, big traveler, plastic is in the heart of his work, he is deeply convinced that art must be related to the society and a strong vector of awarness „Through Afrgalonism project i want to say that Plastic is a western manufactured product , polluting the environement , and transforming our social comportements, i want to transforme it into art and have a social impact with it “ Mask MONKEY- Ethnic group: BAMBARA

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Junior, 22
Junior, 22

Dancers, proudly he does not hide his homosexuality, but his true passion is sewing. At the backyard of the place where he works : a "Koranic madrsa- school" he dreams to make clothes for stars and for poors aswell .Mask Androgynous - Ethic group :Peul

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WOONGO, behind the masks
WOONGO, behind the masks

In Woongo people are playing the subtle and delicate game to tell their stories...behind a mask. De-mystifiying and de-coding a cultural object, the mask become just a narrative acces to a story, telling todays african realities.

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  • Storytelling basics for fictional and non-fictional projects

  • Creative Journalism & hybrid projects

  • Multimedia, web-based linear & non- linear Storytelling

  • Immersive experiences Storytelling AR-VR-XR

  • Cinematic Videography technics

  • Creative Design thinking and creators Mentoring

  • Creative curation and consulting

Harbi: Warrior in Arabic, Born and raised in a country that gave its ancestral name "Ifriquiya", to the rest of the African continent, Tunisia: my first world. This utopian space between two fluid entities: the Sahara and the Mediterranean sea, at the edge of two distant worlds, each one mirroring a distorted representation of the other. Traveling became slowly a necessity, physically first, then mentally and spiritually through books and art, broadening and expanding my conscience, and inviting it to plural and universal dimension, At the age of twenty-two I jumped out this space, and started my journey, responding to a deep burning call: the discovery of itself, the world, the unknown. Heading north first, Berlin: another key-point of disparity, where I could settle and prepare my self for a bigger jump: the south, reconnecting with my deep Africanity and roots, Taking a critical distance from my matrix-point where I grew up, embracing the world as home, make me realize what matters the most:  human conditions, the urge to rehabilitate our global reason and root a new narrative. I identify my self as a world connector. Embedding my ancestral nomadic North-African spirit, today I am proudly hunting the traces of beauty, of a world that still can be repaired.




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